Agriculture is among the injury riskiest sectors, but still has a large community of workers. Farmworkers risk both fatal and non-fatal injuries while working on farms. Therefore, there is a need to uphold the highest safety standards in the sector, especially by farm owners and managers. Also, it is the sector in which families work together, and an accident may lead to a significant loss.

According to the National Institute for Occupational safety and health, in 2018, there were over 2 million agriculture workers employed in the US. Besides, over 890,000 youths resided in farms in 2014, with 450,000 of them being farmworkers. All these people, both workers, and non-workers are at risk of accidents.

The NIOSH experts also realized that over 100 farmworkers suffer injuries daily. In 2014, there were 12000 reports of youths injured on farms with 4000 of these injuries relating to farm work. Therefore, what rights do workers have regarding their safety?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health administration, farm owners and managers should provide workers with a risk-free environment. Also, workers have a right to farm safety education. Before a worker starts working, he or she should get educated on workplace hazards and preventive methods by the farm owners.

Farmworkers also have a right to review records of farm accidents and injuries. Also, they have a right to report any hazards at their workplace or negligent farm owners. That includes raising any health concerns to OSHA.

If anyone intimidates a worker who is exercising these rights, OSHA will take action after receiving the report within 30 days after the incident.