For those involved in a motor vehicle collision, moving forward from the accident is often very hard and a lot of people benefit from reaching out to friends and loved ones afterward. Katnik & Katnik Lawyers realize this, but we also know that for some people in California, posting certain types of information on the internet raises concerns, especially those who are in the middle of legal action or plan on filing a lawsuit in the near future. After a motor vehicle collision, it is imperative for you to watch what you post online (or even take a break from posting altogether).

In some instances, people share certain types of information that seem insignificant and they do not think it will have any impact on their accident case. However, this information is sometimes used against victims to the benefit of the individual who caused the collision. For example, their defense may reference certain posts that relate to the physical or financial circumstances of a victim following an accident. All of these concerns are avoidable if people simply choose not to talk about the accident or other facets of their lives after the crash.

Many victims have a hard time with this because they turn to the internet for support. They post about the accident so that other people in their lives can reach out and help, and while this is advantageous in some instances, it is never worth jeopardizing one’s case. Aside from sharing information on the internet, there are many other considerations that car crash victims frequently overlook, and we discuss a lot of other relevant issues on our accidents page.