As a restaurant worker in California, you are probably aware that your job is not one of the safest. That said, you still may be unclear as to the most common restaurant hazards and injuries.

With help from Food Newsfeed, you can treat yourself to a refresher course. Take steps to stay safe and injury-free while on the clock.

Lacerations, punctures and cuts

If you spend more time in the kitchen than you do out on the restaurant floor, you are more susceptible to cuts, lacerations and punctures. In regards to working the front of the house, dropped dishes and glasses and bladed or sharp kitchen equipment can harm you. Proper training, cut-resistant gloves, and keeping knives sharp and accurate all help to prevent such injuries.

Slips and falls

Despite wearing proper footwear, it is still possible for restaurant employees to slip and fall. Besides wet floors, various liquids, such as oil, foods and grease can serve as hazards. Besides slip-resistant shoes, rubber mats also help keep employees (and guests) upright.

Scalds and burns

Hot cooking surfaces, beverages, oil and other liquids can lead to employees sustaining burns and scalded skin. This is another area in which proper training can go a long way, along with regularly cleaning ventilation filters and hoods.

Strains and sprains

Lifting trays, reaching up and bending down without proper from can all lead to sprains and strains. To help keep injuries at a minimum, store heavy objects on middle shelves or heights, rather than upper or lower shelves or heights. Employees should also ask for help if an object is too heavy for them to lift alone.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.