When you think of dangerous jobs, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most people would say firefighters, police officers or soldiers face the most danger — and these are definitely professions that carry many risks. However, those involved with the healthcare industry know that there is another, often overlooked category of high-risk professions.

Nurses and orderlies, along with other types of hospital and clinic workers, have one of the highest injury rates in the country. They are even more prone to receiving complicated back injuries with lifelong consequences. It is especially important for these types of workers to secure adequate settlements or workers’ compensation arrangements from their employers.

Why is healthcare different?

One of the reasons it is more difficult for healthcare workers to secure favorable compensation amounts is due to economics. The nature of the industry and the high rate of injury leads to tighter internal policies as the insurance companies struggle to remain competitive. What may be an automatic claim approval for the restaurant industry, for example, may become a borderline case or a rejection for an insurance provider who specializes in the healthcare industry.

What are the solutions?

Fortunately, denials of workers’ comp are not the end of the road. There are often various avenues available to injured workers, such as internal reviews by the company or formal legal contests of the rejection.

It could turn out to be a simple matter of uncovering a mistake on the paperwork one of the parties made in the report. However, getting justice may also be a more complicated endeavor, possibly including extensive investigations and re-evaluations of the situation surrounding the injury.

How does the process start?

It is important to take action, as there could be legal deadlines involved. Quick action also has another benefit: It could allow injured workers to obtain expedient and adequate coverage. No matter how final a denial seems to be, there is often still hope to get a claim approval and secure sorely needed relief.