Many things can impact how safe workers are out on the job. This includes how tired they and their fellow employees are. Fatigued workers can experience decreased alertness that could create accident risks.

A recent report indicates it is very common for American workers to feel drowsy on the job. According to this National Safety Council report, in a survey of workers, 69 percent of respondents reported being tired at work.

Based on the report’s findings, construction is among the fields where fatigue may be a particularly big issue here in the United States. Among the construction workers surveyed for the report:

  • 100 percent indicated they had a least one fatigue risk factor
  • Nearly half (46 percent) reported working during times of day that are higher-risk for drowsiness

How common do you feel worker fatigue is at construction sites here in California? What would you like to see done to address tiredness and related safety issues at such sites? How good of a job do you feel construction firms in California are doing at protecting their workers from fatigue-related safety risks?

Fatigue is one of the many things that can lead to accidents that injure workers. Whatever was behind an accident, when California workers are hurt in the job, it can be critical for them to look into their workers’ comp rights. California’s workers’ comp system is no-fault, so individuals in the state who are hurt at work generally have rights under this system regardless of who was responsible for the accident in which they were injured. Experienced work injury attorneys can advise people hurt on the job on the pursuit of workers’ comp benefits.