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How to avoid repetitive stress injuries at work

Long-term exposure to the same work tasks requires constant muscle movement and stress on joints. Before you know it, you could find yourself experiencing constant pain and discomfort in the same areas of your body. When you suspect your job is causing your body to develop misalignment, you should have a medical exam right away. A physician is most likely to ask you about the type of work you do and conduct an evaluation with that information in mind.

When you know what repetitive stress injuries are, you are more likely to avoid them. So, repetitive stress injuries are small, subtle continuous movements that slowly wear down your body ligaments. For example, a person working at a desk all day is at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Another instance is where someone must load and unload heavy boxes (movers, transporters, etc.). Anytime the body is subjected to continual strain, there is a higher chance of wear and tear in that region.

Ways to avoid injury

Here are some useful ways to prevent repetitive stress injuries at work:

Stretching-- The best place to start is by staying aware of your need to stretch throughout the day. No matter what type of industry you are working in, take a break to breathe and stretch your body out. This helps reset and relieve your muscles.

Posture-Slouching all the time whether on your feet or at your desk can create long-term damage and strain on the body. Try to keep your feet flat and your shoulders back while you work.

Stay fit-Keeping healthy and strong through exercise will increase your ability to withstand physical demands at work. Strong muscles keep your body protected and avoiding harsh injuries in the future.

Overall, you are the master of your own body and health. You get to decide how your body will move and bend and what stressors you allow within. Taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid the high costs of medical intervention and time off work for your injuries.

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