Workers’ compensation can be very beneficial for injured workers. For those who get hurt on the job, the benefit helps to maintain a stream of income so that they may maintain their financial standing.

An essential part of employees receiving the assistance they need is the report of the physician. For this and a few other reasons, predesignation is very important.


When employees predesignate their physicians, they receive a few benefits. The party that the employee predesignates is usually a medical professional that the employee has worked with for years. Therefore, the physician is very knowledgeable about the employee’s physical condition, family history and any previous injuries. The physician is able to make an educated, nonbiased decision about the care and treatment strategies for the patient.

On the other hand, if the employer utilizes an MPN or HCO and the employee does not predesignate a physician, the physician that the employer chooses may have an incentive to operate in the best interest of the company, which may not always align with the needs of the employee.


There are a few mandatory steps that employees and physicians must take in order for the predesignation to go into place. Parties can fulfill these requirements in three steps:

  1. Employees must have health care for nonoccupational injuries in place.
  2. Employees must file the proper paperwork designating their physicians by listing the name and business address of the physicians.
  3. The physicians must accept the designation.

It is important that employees be fully aware of this process. California’s predesignation of a personal physician laws can help people become more familiar with the procedure and all that it entails. 

This is a brief overview to share the importance and process for a medical professional predesignation. Those looking to make such designations should review their options to determine the best route. It may be beneficial to consult with a knowledgeable professional.