Despite the recent devastation from California’s colossal wildfires, firefighters have refused to surrender. Every day, they wake up and dedicate themselves to protecting the community. In this service, they frequently sacrifice their health.

However, they shouldn’t have to face unnecessary risks on the job. Employers have a strong obligation to keep their workers safe, no matter the industry.

Fire departments are responsible for fully functioning vehicles and equipment as well as comprehensive training programs. Employees who walk into a fiery situation without knowing what to do are apt to make a mistake.

Although some firefighters are hurt due to a specific event, such as a building collapse, the majority of injuries actually build up over a long period of time. The National Fire Prevention Association reports that last year, overexertion and strain caused 27 percent of firefighter injuries. Long hours and intense physical demands may be part of the job, but pain and suffering is not.

Firefighters shouldn’t expect to simply handle the costs of medical problems on their own. As in any other job, firefighters may be entitled to compensation.

Because the blazing flames in California can be so deadly, the nature of a firefighter’s work can sadly be fatal. It’s possible that they would still be here today if not for a department’s negligence. In this type of wrongful death, a firefighter’s loved ones can sue as survivors.