Whether you call it Halloween, trick-or-treat time or Beggar’s Night, the annual event is one of the biggest secular holidays celebrated in the United States. It’s also one of the most dangerous.

Follow these tips for safely navigating the dangers of the road on Beggar’s Night:


If you’re passing out candy from your front porch, you may not realize that you can help kids and drivers avoid accidents:

  • Make certain your sidewalk is generally free of leaves. That will reduce the temptation people might have to walk in the street.
  • Don’t wave kids over from the opposite side of the street. Let them get to a corner and cross where it’s safe.
  • Don’t use decorations that include flashing strobe lights. Those can distract or even accidentally blind a driver passing by your house.


If you’re in charge of taking the kids around for treats, some of this advice will sound familiar but it still bears repeating:

  • Make sure that your kids are all wearing reflective clothing or using those “glowstick” bracelets to stay visible even in dark spots on the road.
  • Don’t allow children of any age to cut across the street to get to lit houses faster — insist on crosswalk use.
  • Plan your route as far as possible from any major streets.
  • If you want the kids to carry a flashlight, have them drop it in their pumpkin candy holder or bag — that will keep them visible without accidentally blinding a driver.


Ideally, if you can stay off the road during the two hours most communities allot for the festivities, do it. You can’t be in a car accident if you aren’t on the road. If you do have to cross through an area that’s in the middle of their annual Beggar’s Night, be cautious:

  • Keep your speed to a crawl. This is one time where the posted speed limit doesn’t matter — a stray child could walk out in front of you at any moment.
  • Keep your headlights on even if it is still daylight out.
  • Be particularly cautious around crosswalks or near heavily-decorated homes, which tend to attract more visitors.

Anyone who is injured in an accident on Beggar’s Night would be well-advised to talk with an attorney about his or her right to compensation. For more information, talk to a personal injury attorney today.

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