There is a freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle that is hard to describe. With this freedom, comes a certain amount of control that is necessary to stay safe while operating a bike. This control, along with a basic understanding of the common causes of motorcycle accidents, can help reduce the risk of a crash.

Three of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Another vehicle turns left into your path. Cars, trucks and other motor vehicles often misjudge the speed or just do not see oncoming motorcycles. This makes a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle one of the most common forms of motorcycle crashes. Be on alert if you notice a car at an intersection ahead that is getting ready to turn left. Prepare for evasive action.
  • A car cuts you off. Again, maybe they didn’t see you or misjudged your speed. Whatever the reason, another common cause of motorcycle accidents involves a vehicle changing into a lane directly in front of the motorcycle. Prepare for the move if lane traffic begins to slow or a car is preparing for a lane change with a turn signal or swerving within its lane.
  • Rear ended. A fender bender is a whole different ball game for a motorcycle. There really is no such thing as a fender bender on a bike. These crashes can be catastrophic for a biker. If you need to stop and a vehicle is behind you, consider stopping between a line of cars or off to the side. Flash your brake lights to alert those behind you and further reduce the risk of a crash.

Preparation, education and experience can help reduce the risk of an accident. However, those who are injured in a motorcycle accident and believe another driver was responsible may be able to hold the other driver liable through a personal injury lawsuit. Contact an attorney to discuss this option. An experienced personal injury attorney can advocate for your interests and put their experience to work for you.