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Proving lost companionship in an accident claim

The loss of companionship, or consortium, is often a part of serious injury claims or wrongful death cases. Aside from the obvious economic losses caused to a family after someone in the household is seriously injured or killed by someone's negligence, there are often other, even more devastating, emotional losses as well.

Husbands and wives lose their partners in life. Parents lose the adult children that they depend on to help them in their senior years. Young children lose the guidance and support of their mothers and fathers.

Construction guides: Handling crush injuries

One of the hazards faced by construction workers is a crush injury.

When a piece of heavy machinery or equipment, like a forklift, rolls over on a hapless construction worker, it's very possible that the worker's limbs or torso can be crushed underneath all that way. Sometimes there's no obvious external damage except for redness and bruising -- which can cause people to delay treatment and lead to complications.

Learn to share the road safely with big trucks

Are you afraid of being on the road with big-rig trucks?

If so, you aren't alone. A lot of drivers are understandably nervous about being on the road with a lot of 18-wheelers around. However, they're going to be out there -- which means that you need to know how to drive safely around them.

Importance of predesignation for medical care

Workers' compensation can be very beneficial for injured workers. For those who get hurt on the job, the benefit helps to maintain a stream of income so that they may maintain their financial standing.

An essential part of employees receiving the assistance they need is the report of the physician. For this and a few other reasons, predesignation is very important.

Can you shield yourself from workers' compensation investigators?

Workers' compensation fraud is serious business, but that doesn't mean that everything a workers' compensation investigator schemes up or puts in front of a court is actual fraud. Sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

Unfortunately, injured workers are often their own worst enemies these days. Where investigators may have once relied on tricks like having a heavy box delivered to someone's house in order to get a photo or film of the victim of a back injury bending down to look at it, they now can gather their best evidence right off an injury victim's social media pages.

Family of actor Bill Paxton files wrongful death claim

Actor Bill Paxton, who is famed for his roles in "Aliens," "Titanic" and other notable films, died a few days after having heart surgery at the tender age of 61 -- and his family believes the death was needless.

As a result, family members have filed a wrongful death claim against both his surgeon and the hospital where he was treated. They allege that both misrepresented or hid the risks of the surgery, which was a risky and unusual approach for his condition. In addition, they allege that the surgeon was too inexperienced to attempt that particular surgery. Complications from the surgery directly led to the actor's death -- which is officially listed as the result of a stroke.

Protect your rights after a car accident

So, you've been in a car accident. What do you do next?

If you're like most people, you haven't been in enough accidents to really know what you should do in order to protect your own interests -- and that's something that needs to happen. Even if you think that you're okay immediately after the accident, you don't know how you may feel once your adrenaline dies down and soft-tissue injuries have a chance to show. Your body's response to the stress of the accident could be masking a serious back or neck injury.

Could light-duty work after an accident cost you your job?

If you've been injured in an accident at work, your employer (and your employer's insurance company) has an invested interest in getting you back to work and keeping you off the workers' compensation rolls.

To do that, they may offer you a "light-duty" position that's not even close to the type of work that you did for them in the past.

13 plaintiffs accuse nursing home of injuries and death

If your elderly parents were in a senior care facility that was directly in the path of a wildfire, you'd probably expect the staff to hasten everyone out of there.

If your parents were a resident in a senior community owned and staffed by one California management group, the only thing you could expect was for the staff to take care of themselves.

How repetitive stress injuries can cause chronic inflammation

When you think about workplace injuries, one of the last things to cross your mind involves inflammation. Though falling and lifting accidents are very common in workplaces across Orange County, inflammation is a likely side effect that can have a long-term impact on the health and lives of employees. Chronic inflammation takes time to develop. It is more likely to develop in people who work in jobs that require them to perform functions that aggravate old and new injuries. 

Inflammation often develops into chronic pain. It is not uncommon for some employees to suffer minor injuries and not get treatment. Some of them end up with chronic pain and inflammation several years later from performing the same job functions and movements. Here is a brief overview of inflammation and repetitive stress injuries