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Transportation agency fined $1.3 million over workers' deaths

Employers, even government agencies, which violate workplace safety regulations can place the lives of their workers at risk. This month, the California Public Utilities Commission imposed a fine of $1.3 million on the Bay Area Rapid Transit Agency for safety violations that caused the deaths of two workers when a train struck them in October 2013. A civil lawsuit and a workers' compensation claim were also filed for this crash while fines were earlier imposed on BART for similar workplace accidents.

In that incident, a train traveling 60 to 70 mph struck two BART workers, a track engineer, and contract employee when they were inspecting a dip in the tracks. According to autopsy reports, both workers had their backs turned to the trains at the time of impact. This indicated that neither worker acted as a lookout as required by BART's policy.

Drowsiness a big issue in many industries, including construction

Many things can impact how safe workers are out on the job. This includes how tired they and their fellow employees are. Fatigued workers can experience decreased alertness that could create accident risks.

A recent report indicates it is very common for American workers to feel drowsy on the job. According to this National Safety Council report, in a survey of workers, 69 percent of respondents reported being tired at work.

Protect yourself while roofing with a personal fall arrest system

If you do roofing work within the construction industry, you may be used to the tall heights -- but you should still be cautious of them. Falls from roofs account for one-third of all fall-related construction worker fatalities.

Are roads really more dangerous in summer?

Summertime brings warmer weather and more free time with friends and family for a few months out of the year. It's a time to finally take that vacation and get to the ballfield or hiking trail you've been meaning to visit.

With the extra free time and more leisure activities comes increased traffic, and therefore traffic accidents. The monthly rate of traffic accidents peaks in July and August, with July 4 as one of the most dangerous days of the year to be on the road.

How to avoid repetitive stress injuries at work

Long-term exposure to the same work tasks requires constant muscle movement and stress on joints. Before you know it, you could find yourself experiencing constant pain and discomfort in the same areas of your body. When you suspect your job is causing your body to develop misalignment, you should have a medical exam right away. A physician is most likely to ask you about the type of work you do and conduct an evaluation with that information in mind.

When you know what repetitive stress injuries are, you are more likely to avoid them. So, repetitive stress injuries are small, subtle continuous movements that slowly wear down your body ligaments. For example, a person working at a desk all day is at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Another instance is where someone must load and unload heavy boxes (movers, transporters, etc.). Anytime the body is subjected to continual strain, there is a higher chance of wear and tear in that region.

Avoid strains and burns as a restaurant worker

As a restaurant worker, there are an immeasurable amount of ways you can injure yourself on the job. You are constantly on your feet, in and out of the kitchen, and have to deal with harmful substances and slippery floors.

With so many things that can hurt you at your job, it is important to be prepared for anything that can come your way, whether you expect it or not.

Follow these tips to stay safe while boating for fun

There's nothing more wonderful for a boater than fair weather, friends and few hours on the water -- unless tragedy strikes. So how do you keep yourself and everyone on your boat safe?

According to all the statistical information gathered by the Coast Guard, these are the best safety tips you and your friends or family can follow:

Injured California workers may struggle to get pain medication

It's no secret that prescription painkillers are under fire from numerous directions. Once heavily prescribed, opioid painkillers are starting to become an increasingly difficult commodity to obtain by legal means.

Has the pendulum swung too far? Are injured workers in desperate need of pain relief going to be left without?

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