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What makes a wrongful death claim in California?

Not many people actually understand what a wrongful death claim is -- and even fewer understand how they work.

That can cause people to walk away from a tragic situation feeling like they have no hope of seeing justice for the needless death of their loved one.

California truckers show displeasure over new safety law

Federal legislation enacted a new safety law aimed at keeping tired truckers off the road and ended up putting a lot of angry truckers on the road instead -- especially in California.

Trucks around the state began a "rolling protest" on Oct. 7, slowing traffic down and blocking roadways everywhere -- all united against the electronic logging devices (ELDs) that have to be installed in trucks by Dec. 18, 2017.

Beggar's Night: Halloween safety tips for all

Whether you call it Halloween, trick-or-treat time or Beggar's Night, the annual event is one of the biggest secular holidays celebrated in the United States. It's also one of the most dangerous.

Follow these tips for safely navigating the dangers of the road on Beggar's Night:

Avoid these 3 top causes of motorcycle accidents

There is a freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle that is hard to describe. With this freedom, comes a certain amount of control that is necessary to stay safe while operating a bike. This control, along with a basic understanding of the common causes of motorcycle accidents, can help reduce the risk of a crash.

Drivers, especially young ones, text but say it should be illegal

The majority of drivers believe that distracted driving is the largest contributor to car accidents. Over 90 percent of those surveyed recently agreed that it should be illegal. At the same time, 34 percent of drivers are confident that they can safely text while driving -- and that percentage goes up to 62 percent when considering only drivers between 18 and 34.

The online survey queried around 1,000 drivers aged 18 and older in the general consumer market. It was performed in August by Progressive Insurance, but the respondents weren't Progressive customers.

NTSB report finds trucker at fault for fatal autonomous crash

Over a year ago, media outlets covered the first fatal car accident involving a fully autonomous vehicle. The vehicle, a Tesla Model S, was in autopilot at the time of the collision. Reports that the accident was the result of the vehicle's failure to "see" the semi-truck that was involved in the crash abounded, but further research shows the story was much more complicated than original reports suggest.

What really happened in the trucking accident? The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released additional information on the crash. According to the federal agency's findings, the trucker was also at fault for this fatal collision.

Your aching back

What is the #1 injury workers experience in Orange County, the injury that costs the most money and accounts for the most time away from the job?

It's the common backache. We say it's common because the majority of people doing manual work at some point are struck down by it. But there is nothing common about the shooting, electric pain you experience, or your inability to normal things. You wonder if you will ever work again.